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Our Story

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Roy and Haroldly are college sweethearts. Together they learned about the importance of clean, wholesome food and the lack of it in our modern diets. When they started working with their church's youth group, they would host the youth in their homes and didn't feel comfortable feeding them what was available on the market. So Roy developed a recipe for cookies and pizza with the ingredients they had at home. Both items became a hit, and even though teenagers are not known for being picky with their sweets, Roy and Haroldly realized they were onto something when they would sell out of cookies every time they were part of a fundraiser. 

During the pandemic Roy was furloughed from his job and together they decided to launch a cookie dough company. They wanted families and individuals to experience the joy of traditional baked goods and facilitate the creation of experiences that evoked good memories of better times, so Dough Gold was born. As life would have it, serendipitously, the same year they welcomed into their family a new puppy, a newborn and a new business. Currently Roy and Haroldly reside in Eagan, MN. They stay busy throwing balls for their dog, chasing their toddler and bringing the best and cleanest cookie dough to people around the Twin Cities. 

Our Promise

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Ingredients that are Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, and Hormone Free


Sustainable packaging

No Palm Oil, Hydrogenated Oils, Refined Sugars or Ingredients You Can't Pronounce

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Ethical Sourcing of Ingredients and Manufacturing Practices

No preservatives ever


Shareable Experiences You Can Feel Good About

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